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Greenway Executive Partners

We specialise in career and company infrastructure. Additionally, we excel at building teams, coaching emerging leaders, and supporting effective stakeholder engagement. Greenway Executive Partners, founded by Peter Zangari, is an Australian-owned advisory firm that focuses on leadership, reputation, and recruitment. Moreover, through our extensive networks nationwide, we connect you with potential candidates for C-suite, senior advocacy, and government roles.

To strengthen your business and safeguard your brand, we provide expert counsel and strategic support to your in-house public affairs specialists. Furthermore, our accredited executive coaching program develops emerging professionals into capable leaders who embody your company's values. You can trust our experienced team to deliver the results you need.

Peter Zangari, our founding partner, brings a unique perspective to executive search, thanks to his government advisory experience. This includes working with the Premier's office in NSW and state treasurers. We have a successful track record of placing high-quality candidates in various positions, such as C-suite, government, communications, and regulatory roles.

With a deep understanding of modern advocacy, external engagement, and leadership, our team combines expertise from both government and the private sector. By leveraging our extensive nationwide network of affiliates, we offer recruitment and public affairs services in the challenging political and regulatory landscape where leading organizations operate.

At Greenway Executive Partners, we are passionate about championing the growth of major Australian cities and the infrastructure that connects them. Therefore, our focus areas include government, major projects, infrastructure, transport, and financial services. Through these efforts, we aim to support the development and success of our nation.



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Suite 213 350 George Street Sydney, NSW, 200
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Suite 213 350 George Street Sydney, NSW, 200
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